July 30, 2016

Cupcake Cross

I made this pull apart cupcake cake for a baby shower.

Cupcake cakes are an interesting conundrum.

The sound great in theory: perfectly portioned cake in the shape you like!

But after that it goes awry.

All the cupcakes are pushed together into the desired shape, but there are big gaps between the cupcakes (case in point: Arrow of Light Cupcakes).

So the solution is to put little frosting stars on the gaps.  But here’s the thing, even after carefully placing the frosting stars, eventually the table gets bumped and gravity pulls those frosting stars down.  So then there’s a gap and there’s frosting all over the cupcakes liners, making a huge mess.

The only real solution is to pipe an obscene amount of frosting between each cupcake, so the frosting doesn’t fall – making an even bigger mess!

So I don’t know – I’m not convinced on the Cupcake Cake.  They can be quite pretty – I do love how pretty the cross is – but they can be messy.

If someone asked me to, I’d certainly make another cupcake cake, but I’d definitely warn them about the frosting mess first!

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