June 22, 2016

Brush Embroidery Poppy Cookies

I had some extra cookies and frosting leftover after making my Simple Cross Cookies.  It was also very close to my Grandma’s 89th birthday, I knew I wanted to make her something special that she could share with her friends.

I was a bit limited by the colors I had available, but once I started thinking, I realized that it was the perfect time to experiment with brush embroidery with royal icing.  For brush embroidery, some medium thickness icing is piped onto the cookie.  Immediately, a damp paintbrush is used to pull the icing away from the lines, leaving a delicate brushed look.

Once I started, I quickly realized that the colors lent themselves to poppies!  I love the contrast of the brushed poppies on the black and white backgrounds!

Oh, and Grandma loved them, so that makes me even happier!

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