February 1, 2016

Blueberry & Yellow Rose Cake

This past fall, my friend’s parents were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.  She wanted Limoncello Cake (made with homemade limoncello!) with Blueberry frosting – which worked out perfectly, because her parents’ wedding colors were blue and yellow!

Because the cake had to be made several days before the event, I ended up swapping out the blueberry cream cheese frosting with blueberry buttercream frosting. 

To do so, I added the blueberry sauce to Basic Buttercream – be warned, the buttercream will need to beat for much longer than a typical buttercream, because the juice from the berries wants to weep and make a mess of everything.  I recommend mixing the frosting, then setting it aside for 15 minutes and restirring to take care of any problem areas.

I also used Royal Icing roses instead of fresh, also because the cake was picked up 2 ½ days before the event.

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