February 29, 2016

Music Note Cupcakes

These Music Note Cupcakes are perfect for any musician!

I frosted with cupcakes simply, and topped them with monochromatic sugar pearls and royal icing music notes!

Simple and stunning!

February 19, 2016

UND Hockey Cake

Hockey is kind of a big deal in my town.

With everyone excited about college hockey, it’s no surprise that I often get cake orders with a hockey theme!

To date, I’ve made two ice rink cakes, cookies, and a Harry Potter-Hockey mash up (that one was fun!)

With another hockey cake request (but larger this time), I had the opportunity to switch things up a bit.  Adding a school logo, hockey puck & stick!

The cake was a huge hit!

February 13, 2016

Amore & Love Bird Cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Do you celebrate?  I’m in it for the cookies and the candy, personally.  

We don’t exchange gifts at all, but it is fun to make a nice meal and pull out the China.  Here’s a peek at this year’s sugar cookies!

February 1, 2016

Blueberry & Yellow Rose Cake

This past fall, my friend’s parents were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.  She wanted Limoncello Cake (made with homemade limoncello!) with Blueberry frosting – which worked out perfectly, because her parents’ wedding colors were blue and yellow!

Because the cake had to be made several days before the event, I ended up swapping out the blueberry cream cheese frosting with blueberry buttercream frosting. 

To do so, I added the blueberry sauce to Basic Buttercream – be warned, the buttercream will need to beat for much longer than a typical buttercream, because the juice from the berries wants to weep and make a mess of everything.  I recommend mixing the frosting, then setting it aside for 15 minutes and restirring to take care of any problem areas.

I also used Royal Icing roses instead of fresh, also because the cake was picked up 2 ½ days before the event.

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