November 29, 2015

Hello Kitty

This year, my little neighbor asked for a Hello Kitty Cake.  She found this inspiration cake online and was so excited because she thought it looked like a Monster High Hello Kitty Cake.

November 23, 2015

Cheerleader Cake

Today’s cake is all girl!

This cake was for a 5 year old who loves cheerleading!

November 21, 2015

Give Thanks Cookies

Each Thanksgiving, I’m in charge of the place cards.  For the last several years, I’ve made place card cookies (see here and here)!  They’re a unique and yummy treat!

These are actually last year’s cookies that I never got around to sharing. 

I’ve found that in addition to the typical fall colors (brown, gold, & orange), I love to add a pop of purple into my Thanksgiving designs.

November 20, 2015

Garbage Truck Cake

Today’s cake was for a little guy who loves trucks – especially garbage trucks!

The garbage trucks in our town are blue, so I did my best to match up to the local garbage trucks & trash cans.

November 17, 2015

Turkey Cupcakes

It’s almost Thanksgiving!!

I think we deserve some turkey cupcakes, don’t you?

I made these as a fun little side project when I had some extra cupcakes leftover from another baking project!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 8, 2015

Shark Cake + Cinnamon Life Chocolate Cake

Spud turned 5 in August.  He was set on a Paw Patrol cake for nearly the entire summer.  I had a cake sketched out and bought a toy to use as the topper.  I was prepared.

Then, two weeks before his birthday.  Boom.  Paw Patrol is out (Mom, I don’t even like Paw Patrol….whaaa?), and he’s suddenly obsessed with sharks and wants a shark cake.  And not just any old shark cake.  It needed to be a vicious looking shark with lots of teeth.  And he had to have pilot fish around to clean his teeth.

November 4, 2015

Mickey & Minnie Smash Cakes & Cupcakes + Dairy Free Oreo Cake

This sweet little smash cake/cupcake combo was for a 1st birthday bash for boy/girl twins!

The Minnie cakes were Strawberry Sour Cream cake with Cream Cheese frosting (delish!).  The Mickey cakes were dairy-free Oreo Cake with Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting.  And it’s not actually black!  I used special dark cocoa powder for the frosting, which is such a dark brown, it can pass for black – perfect for a baby’s first cake!

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