September 16, 2015

Rainbow for Girls Cake

Today’s cake was for a Rainbow for Girls Celebration.  I don’t know a lot about the organization, but I know that it is an opportunity for young girls to learn leadership skills and work within their community.

This cake presented a unique challenge, because there was a lot of important elements that needed to be incorporated into the cake.  The challenge was how to make seemingly disparate elements all come together for a cohesive cake design.

First of all we have a red velvet cake with cream filling.  Of course, since the organization is Rainbow for Girls, there is a fondant rainbow.  The young lady’s mascot for the organization was a panda (also fondant) and her colors were red & gold (ribbon).  Lastly, this was a celebration of heritage, so I added clovers for her Irish heritages and yin & yang for her Chinese heritage.

By keeping the main part of the cake white (which looks a little worse for wear after being caught in an unfortunate downpour), I was able to use it as a canvas to weave together all of those important cake details!

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