July 31, 2015

Harry Potter Hockey Mashup

Today (July 31) is Harry Potter’s birthday.  If he were real he’d be 35!  That makes Harry Potter older than me and I have to say – I’m ok with this!

My friend’s son in a huge Harry Potter fan, so for his 7th birthday, asked for a cake that incorporated two of his favorite things: hockey & Harry Potter – a bit of a challenge!

Thankfully, I had Hubs on deck as my Artist in residence and he immediately sketched up some Quiddich players sporting hockey gear!

After that, this became one of my favorite mashup cakes ever!

July 2, 2015

Hello Summer Chalkboard Cake

Happy Summer!

This happy little cake was for an end of school celebration for the teachers at my son’s school!  The cake was inspired by this one at My Cake School.

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