March 20, 2015

3D Easter Egg Cookies

It’s almost Easter!

At Eastertime, I just love 3D eggs.  They’re so classic and pretty!

This year, I wanted to re-imagine sugar eggs into cookies. 

For these cookies, I used my favorite sugar cookies (with ovals cut into some of the egg shapes) and covered them in royal icing.  Immediately, I placed a cut out on top.  Once they had a little time to dry, I piped a little design in the middle and decorated outsides.

Dude also wanted to help (his are the two on the bottom) - I thought he did a great job for a 6-year old!


  1. Your Easter cookies are adorable! Love the middle two - are they two layer? They are so cute! I love decorating sugar cookies, and always love seeing other people's ideas :) Very cute!

  2. These are fab! love the two layer ones, genius! :)

    Stopping by from the Two Cup Tuesday linky :)

    Shel @ Sweet Petite


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