February 21, 2015

Frozen Ice Castle Cake

With the cold snap much of the US has been experiencing, I thought today would be an excellent day to share Elsa’s Ice Castle Cake!

This was for a 4 year old’s birthday.  The only instruction was “whatever you’ve done before…go bigger.”

That’s all I needed to take all of the fun decorating techniques I’ve used in the past and throw them all into one cake…plus lights!

The cake was Dairy Free Vanilla Cake, with a blue swirl (I used this cake recipe, with water instead of milk).

Hubs helped me find some Submersible LEDs at the craft store and embed them into the cake to really make it glow!  I then covered up the lights with Royal Icing Snowflakes that I had made ahead of time.

Lastly, the topper was made out of blue sugar glass!  I added blue food coloring the recipe I used when making the Broken Glass Cupcakes.

When it all came together it was absolutely stunning!  And there was a very happy birthday girl!

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