July 8, 2014

Abstract Peacock Cake

When my in-laws were visiting last month, I made a birthday cake for my Mother-in-law.

I had full creative freedom on this one (that rarely happens!!)  So I searched through my Pinterest boards for my own inspiration!

I ended up choosing a pretty peacock cake (inspiration found here at Cake Central!)  I just love peacock feathers (in fact peacock feathers are a big part of my office d├ęcor!)

However, the peacock theme may have been a little too abstract.  Spud, my 3 year old saw the cake and said, "Mama, why did you put all those eyes on that cake? Is it a monster?"

Hub’s response was, “That’s what the peacock wants you to think!”  So I suppose it all worked out!

1 comment:

  1. HI, this is so neat! Looks professionally done!
    Thanks for sharing!



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