May 4, 2014

Star Wars {Milky Way Galaxy Cake}

It’s Star Wars Day!!!!  May 4th.  May the Fourth.  May the Force…

If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, like me, you may feel the need to make a Star Wars Cake.

And text the Hubs while he’s at work, asking him who is favorite Star Wars Characters are.  And come up with Han Solo, R2D2 (okay, maybe he’s my favorite), Boba Fett, and Darth Vader.

And then make that cake.

The Han Solo layer was the trickiest, so I ended up making a starry sky and adding a chocolate Millenium Falcon!

But really, geeking out with the cake design wasn’t enough, so I needed to geek out the cake recipe, too!

To make the Milky Way Galaxy Cake, I whipped up a Rich Chocolate Cake and stirred in two chopped up Milky Way Bars and two chopped up Galaxy Bars (Dove Chocolate Bars, here in the US), and baked it as usual!  I also added some more chopped Milky Ways to the Buttercream filling in the cakes!

Now that’s a delicious Star Wars Cake!

Don't miss the party or the cookies!

1 comment:

  1. It came out great! I like your idea for the Hans solo layer.


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