January 30, 2014

Mickey Mouse Birthday

For the second time this year, I got to make a Mickey Cake for my boys!  My older son (Dude) wanted a Mickey birthday just like his younger brother (Spud)!

Even though Spud is by far the bigger Mickey fan, Dude would not be swayed.  So we perused the internet and came up with our cake inspiration.

January 23, 2014

Strawberry Sour Cream Cake

Ok.  I’ve made strawberry cake again and again.  But when my son asked for strawberry cake for his birthday this year, I couldn’t resist playing with the recipe just one more time.

I’m so glad I did!!

This is THE strawberry cake recipe!  The sweetness of the strawberries (enhanced with strawberry Jell-o) is perfectly complemented with the slight tang of sour cream.

After all, my favorite cakes (White Almond Sour Cream & Rich Chocolate Cake) are both sour cream cakes!

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