August 11, 2013

Easy Mickey Cake

As a cake decorator, it’s easy to get caught up in my own vision of how a cake should look.  Which works, since most people aren’t overly specific about how they want a cake to look.

Except for my boys.

My boys have a very specific vision in mind when they ask for a cake.

For example, when I made my 5 year old’s Pirate Ship Cake in January, his first comment was, “the cannon is facing the wrong way.”  Little critic!

This past week was my 3 year old’s birthday.  He has known for quite some time that he wanted a Mickey Cake.

I had a grand cake in mind, something like the Minnie Cake from last year.  But then I thought I’d best consult with the birthday boy.

And all he really wanted were red and green and blue Mickeys on his cake.

So I gave my little boy exactly what he wanted!  And he was thrilled!

The cake was a rich chocolate cake, covered in white buttercream, with a few fondant details.

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