May 2, 2013

Fifty & Fabulous Cake

Earlier this year, my friend’s mom turned 50.

She asked for an over the hill cake, but elegant not grotesque.

Instead of making a big tombstone cake (an over the hill classic), I decided to do something over the hill inspired.

The best way, I decided, was to make a simple white cake with lots of black filigree and a touch a black lace.  I also added a pop of purple (my camera hates purple and always make it look blue – ugh), to add just a bit more elegance to the cake.

Over the Hill?  Nope, Fifty & Fabulous!

The cake (again) is my favorite Rich Chocolate Cake frosted in Basic Buttercream and topped with MM Fondant.  The filigree is hand piped black royal icing.  I used this tutorial for the lace flowers, and this one for the purple fondant flower.


  1. This looks great! I love the classiness of it. I started making cakes a bit over a year ago because my sister begged me to do her wedding cake! I always love looking at other people's work!

  2. Beautiful - and not grotesque - 50th B-day cake, as requested :)
    Stopping by from Marvelous Mondays...have a great week!!

  3. Wow, love this. Pinned, Thanks for joining Marvelous Mondays. ~ Paula

  4. That is an awesome cake! I don't know that I would have the patience to do all of the filigree work, it is really gorgeous :)

  5. A masterpiece!!! Beautiful cake Amy╰⊰✿

  6. Such an elegant and beautiful cake, great job!

  7. Amy, your cake decorating skills truly amaze me! You are a decorating ninja!

  8. Love this cake, and you did an amazing job with the detail work! I'm pinning this and sharing it on my Facebook page this week! Thanks so much for linking it up to my party!

  9. This is a beautiful cake, Amy! My mom's 50th is in a couple of days, she requested a cheesecake ;)
    No over the hill cakes here too :)


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