April 28, 2013

Elegant & Whimsical Cupcakes

My son’s teacher recently asked me to bake up some cupcakes for her granddaughter’s birthday.

Her granddaughter was turning 12 and entering into that stage where she doesn’t like frilly pink little girl things anymore.

So I decided to whip up some fun, more elegant and grown up cupcakes, but with a little flair!

The night before I made the cupcakes, I melted some neon green candy melts and lined a baking sheet with waxed paper.  

I let the candy melts cool for a few minutes and loaded them into one of my decorating bottles.  I piped the chocolate onto the baking sheet.  I tried out a bunch of different swirly designs and filigree, along with a few hearts and flowers.  I made quite a few extras anticipating some breakage.  Then, I let the chocolate harden overnight.

The next day, I whipped up my favorite chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  I piped the chocolate frosting onto the cupcakes with a Wilton 2D tip, sprinkled a few sugar pearls, and topped them off with some electric green chocolate swirls!

These were perfect for a tween’s birthday party!


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