March 28, 2013

Peeps Cookies

My second set of Easter Cookies were inspired by those iconic Easter treats, Marshmallow Peeps!

I don’t actually even like Peeps (oh, except for those Peeps & Cadbury Egg S’mores from last year…drool), but I do think they are super cute, so a Peeps cookie is the perfect solution!

I wasn’t able to make a photo tutorial on these ones since I was rocking a nasty head cold on decorating day and it was all I could do to keep decorating, much less focus on photographing as well.

But if you do want to make Peeps cookies with your existing cookie cutters, I can make a few suggestions.  For the chicks, cut out duck cookie, then do a small amount of pinching and manipulating to get the Peep chick shape. 

For the bunnies, I used a snowman with a hat cookie cutter.  After cutting the snowman, I used a sharp knife to cut the hat portion in half, then trimmed until I had a nice ear shape.


  1. Now those are peeps I'd eat! I don't like the classic marshmallow ones :(. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.


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