January 18, 2013

Hockey Cakes

The local college hockey team is very popular in my area.  So popular in fact, that I had two UND Hockey cakes ordered for 4 year old boys within a month of each other!

Though the premise of the cakes were basically the same, I used a different technique on each cake. 

Both cakes were given a nice layer of buttercream and then topped with MM fondant to start.

The details on this first cake were painted on.  To paint the details, a little bit of gel food coloring was watered down slightly and painted on with a paintbrush (be sure to designate “food only” paintbrushes and keep them away from your kids!)

I love painting details, because the colors are very nice and vibrant.  The drawback of painting is the possibility of the colors bleeding, especially if the food coloring is too thin.

For the second cake, I use a similar style, but used edible food markers instead of paint.  The lines are much more concise, but the color isn’t as vibrant and sometimes fades, especially if there are inconsistencies in the fondant.

All in all, as practice more and more, I am finding that I typically prefer painting small details. 

What is your favorite way to add small details to cakes?


  1. Adorable! Perfect timing as NFL starts again. Thanks for linking to Pin Me!

  2. So cute! THanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects!

  3. So cute... my nephews would definitely like this. They are all big hockey fans. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday and we would love it if you would link back to us.. thanks. Remember to come back and vote tomorrow. FFF cohost Marlys @ This and That... newest follower through GFC

    1. Whew! That wasn't an easy button to find! Thanks for bringing to my attention that missed the link back - I have it corrected now!! And thank you for the follow!

    2. Sorry, that you had to some searching. We have talked that we need to make it more visible. But thanks for linking back.

  4. Saw this great hockey cake on Buns in My Oven What's Cooking Wednesday! I'm excited the NHL lockout is over....I may have to make this cake to celebrate! :)
    ~Joy from Yesterfood

  5. Such a fun idea for a cake!! What little boy wouldn't love that.

    Thanks for linking up over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party!

  6. Such a cute idea for a cake. What little boy wouldn't love it. Thanks so mcuh for linking up over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party. Hope you'll come back and visit tomorrow too!


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