December 23, 2012

Blue Button Ornament Cookies

This year I wasn’t really feeling a red & green Christmas.  Nope, this year was felt like a blue Christmas.  My Gingerbread House was white and blue and purple.  And this year’s ornament cookies were blue.

And while I used the same cookie cutters as last year, I put a little spin on them this year.  After cutting the cookies out, I dug through my collection of vintage buttons and chose some of the most decorative ones and made a deep impression into the raw dough.

I learned through experimenting that the impression must be deep and the buttons with large grooves make the most dynamic impressions.

After baking, I flooded the cookies with baby blue royal icing and added a lovely trim of sugar pearls.

The Button Ornaments are so dainty and pretty, I wish I could hang them on my tree!

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